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                    How do I get started?

The easiest place to get started is with...yourself.  Document your name, birth date, and place of birth.  Next do the same for your mother and father.  Now add your siblings.  Voila! You have created a small family tree!

Now all you need to do is grow its branches.  Add your paternal and maternal grandparents to your tree.  If any of them are deceased, document their dates of death and places of burial.  Continue growing your tree by adding nieces and nephews, your parents brothers and sisters.

Exhausted your first-hand knowledge yet?  If so, it is time to pick up the phone and talk with your grandparents or parents.  You may find that they are excited to hear that you wish to learn more about your family heritage.  These conversations can help you document your grandparents siblings, great-aunts and great-uncles.  Then move on to learning about your great-grandparents.  You are now well under way to becoming the family historian.

If you are fortunate enough to have grandparents who are still living, it is time to talk with them about their aunts and uncles (your great-great aunts and great-great-uncles).  Then you can talk with your grandparents about their own grandparents...That's right! You are already finding out about your great-great-grandparents!

Remember, when you start talking with family about your ancestors, you are likely to hear many colorful stories about these people, especially from grandparents.  Some of your family may have lived interesting lives.  Don't forget to document those stories!  They are priceless family heirlooms. You may never again get the chance to possess these glimpses into your family heritage.

At some point, just by talking with surviving family, you will have grown your family tree in size and run into dead ends, where you cannot seem to find anyone in your family who knows information to help you move further.  Time to put on your detective cap!  There are many resources available to you in libraries and on the Internet to keep your research moving forward. seeks out an publishes resources to keep you going.  Use as your portal to the past.

   Birth Records
   Check sources of birth records organized by U.S. state
   Marriage Records
   Search publically available marriage documentation for many
   states and cities
   Death Records
   Search the social security death index and other sources of
   death information such as cemetery records
   Census Records
   Find online sources of U.S., U.K. and Canadian census
   Military Records
   Free lookups of military service records, muster rolls and pay
   Ship Records
   Access to ship manifests and logs of U.S. passenger lists
   Famous Family Trees
   Are you related to anyone famous?  Search celebrity family
   trees to find your link
   Online Family Trees
   Sources of family trees that are free online
Check back often for new
       resources added all the time! Independent Research

Cemeteries - Exclusive catalog of 2 small-town Texas cemeteries.

Library Resources - Genealogy libraries.

Surname Research - Exclusive research on family tree consisting of 20,000+ connected family members and dozens of surnames.  New data being added continually.

These resources are coming soon!  We are working hard to computerize the data.  Check back often to watch our progress.

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